Antifreeze products for plants application

Other defence systems involve the application of protective products that lower freezing temperature of crops, with presumed antifreeze action, although effectiveness is not yet confirmed and in any case variable.

Anti-frost candles and burners

Riguardo ai sistemi che prevedono la cessione diretta di calore all’ambiente esistono i cosiddetti bruciatori a combustione di GPL.

Frost fans

As regards systems that do not use irrigation, the most common is definitely the fan.

Under-tree anti-frost irrigation

To work around the extremely high water requirements of the classic overhead irrigation system under-tree irrigation systems have been studied

Overhead anti-frost irrigation

Overhead irrigation is the classic application; highly effective but it requires significant water supply both at the farm (an estimated hourly rainfall of approx.

Overhead cooling irrigation

This technique is based on three application systems: convective cooling; hydro cooling; evaporative cooling.

Anti-cracking rain nets

Heavy rainfall in the period between the change of colour and ripening can cause fruit to split (also called “cracking”), certainly the most serious threat to cherry trees.

Anti-insect nets

This practice developed by the French initially against the damage caused by codling moths (C. Pomonella) has also proven effective against other insects.