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ADAptation actions

Anti-frost candles and burners


Systems that provide for the direct transfer of heat to the environment include combustion burners of LPG or other fuels, which move continuously around the orchard / vineyard on trailers pulled by a tractor or with an independent engine. Alternatively, special anti-frost candles can be used (cans of paraffin or other fuel called “bougies” in France) which, if distributed in large numbers in the middle of the orchard / vineyard, diffuse heat into the environment.


Supply chain:

Fruit and vegetables, Wine

Climate risk:

Damage from extreme cold

Action area:

Agronomic management

Mitigating action:


Technical level:


Applicable farm size:

Small, large

Effectiveness with respect to:

Damage from extreme cold

Time frame of the action:

(Referring to the effectiveness of the action from an economic, agronomic and environmental point of view)

Damage from extreme cold
Short-term: 1 year or crop cycle