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ADAptation actions

Anti-freeze under-tree irrigation


This technique may be used to partly remedy the elevated water requirements of the classic over-tree irrigation system and reduce the negative effects resulting from very high water contributions to the ground. In the under-tree alternative irrigation systems studied (Zinoni et al.), only the ground and/or the underlying vegetation is irrigated, and the protection comes from the heat produced by the water freezing which spreads by convection especially in the first few metres of the fruit orchard. The effectiveness entails the recovery of 2-3°C, especially in cases of freezing by “radiation” and in fruit orchards/vineyards on flat ground. It permits a moderate saving of water, requiring average rainfall of about 2-2.5 mm/h compared to 4-5 mm/h of the classic over-tree system.


Supply chain:

Fruit and vegetables

Climate risk:

Damage from extreme cold, Drought

Action area:

Agronomic management, Water

Mitigating action:


Technical level:


Applicable farm size:

Small, large

Effectiveness with respect to:

Damage from extreme cold

Time frame of the action:

(Referring to the effectiveness of the action from an economic, agronomic and environmental point of view)

Damage from extreme cold
Short-term: 1 year or crop cycle
Short-term: 1 year or crop cycle