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ADAptation actions

Antifreeze products for plants application


Other defence systems involve the application of protective products that lower freezing temperature of crops, with presumed antifreeze action, although effectiveness is not yet confirmed and in any case variable. These products intend to lower the freezing temperature point of the plant’s vegetative organs, or to limit the formation of ice on the outside of the plant itself. Experiments are constantly underway, also with the use of specific bacteria.


Supply chain:

Fruit and vegetables

Climate risk:

Damage from extreme cold

Action area:

Agronomic management

Mitigating action:


Technical level:


Applicable farm size:

Small, large

Effectiveness with respect to:

Damage from extreme cold
Under experimentation

Time frame of the action:

(Referring to the effectiveness of the action from an economic, agronomic and environmental point of view)

Damage from extreme cold
Short-term: 1 year or crop cycle