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ADAptation actions

Anti-freeze products to apply to the plants


These protective products, aimed at lowering heat levels, are applied directly to the crops, but have even greater anti-freeze power and in any case are variable. These substances should lower the freezing point of the growing organs of the plant, or limit the formation of ice outside the organ. Experiments are ongoing, also with the use of specific bacteria.


Supply chain:

Fruit and vegetables

Climate risk:

Damage from extreme cold

Action area:

Agronomic management

Mitigating action:


Technical level:


Applicable farm size:

Small, large

Effectiveness with respect to:

Damage from extreme cold
Under experimentation

Time frame of the action:

(Referring to the effectiveness of the action from an economic, agronomic and environmental point of view)

Damage from extreme cold
Short-term: 1 year or crop cycle