Use of manure

Stable or cowshed manure is obtained from the solid and liquid excrement of stabled animals, mixed with various other types of materials…

Reuse of wood chips in fields

Wood chips can be buried in the form of pruning scraps or woodchips to significantly increase the content of stable carbon in the ground.


Vermicompost is the product of the decomposition process of organic matter using different types of worms including Eisenia fetida, Enchytraeus buchholzi, and other earthworms capable of transforming vegetable residues and food waste into soil improver.


Compost is an amendment that derives from the bio-oxidation and humification of a mixture of organic materials


Biochar is a vegetable carbon obtained from the pyrolysis of different types of vegetable biomass.

Green manure with nitrogen-fixing crops

Green manuring is an agronomic practice that consists in sowing an herbaceous crop with pure or associated essences, which are then totally buried or chopped.It has the function of fertilising the next crop or the trees planted in the soil sown

Cover crops

This technique entails adding herbaceous species to productive systems with the main goal of keeping the ground covered by vegetation.