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and dissemination
of results

We ensure high visibility to the project, securing its replication in three other Italian regions.

Definition of a holystic communication plan to encompass activities and results of Life ADA and share info materials to its beneficiaries. website development, a communication platform that is constantly updated with information regarding the project and its activities.

Establishment of a Life ADA community in order to reproduce the project in three other regions, Lazio, Tuscany and Veneto, engaging further farmers and producers’ organisations in the three chosen agricultural supply chains.

Project communicationto inform farmers and producers’ organisations about climate change and the importance of using the tools offered by Life ADA to prevent and limit possible damage to crops; raising awareness among the public regarding the existence of the project.

Definition of Life ADA guidelines and white paper with details and indications about the project to allow it to be more easily reproduced in other agricultural supply chains and areas.